On Launch Experiences


Customers using our templates


Customers using our templates


Customers using our templates

Provide a compelling, informative first time user experience that will convince new users to stick around.

App Intro

Increase conversion rates by introducing your app to new users with a clear overview of its value and functionality


Encourage users to install the app’s latest update by describing the upcoming features and advantages that await them


Engage users who opened the app after significant absence by providing a brief update on what has changed while they were away


Communicate with users who have installed an updated version, by offering a tutorial describing the recent changes and improvements to the app


Send a tailored message to users who downloaded the app following a referral from your company website


Direct user behavior and promote special offers with an engaging, powerful message

Background Image

Beat newly downloaded apps’ high churn rates by communicating the right message to users

Download source

Personalize the first time user experience based on the specific ad that initially got users interested

App updates

If your app is not meant for daily usage, take into consideration any changes made since the user’s last visit, and provide the necessary briefing

Social media connect

Create an onboarding flow that will convince users to connect their existing social media accounts to your app

Every user counts, every step of the way.

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