Zently: Split bills & pay rent with roommates

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Zently is the assistant built for busy renters like you. She saves you time by splitting shared bills and rent with roommates & making fix-it requests to your landlord -- completely free!

Zently helps transform your rental space into your home. She automates and tracks your rent payments, suggests bills to split with your roommates and reports and follows-up on maintenance issues with your landlord. 

Does your landlord prefer a physical rent check? No problem. Zently mails your rent check to your landlord for free with tracking all the way! Just chat with her to set up payments with your bank account -- it’s secure and free.

Have a maintenance situation like a plumbing or electrical issue that you need your landlord to fix? Report it with one tap through Zently. She then automates all follow-ups with your landlord via text messaging and email. Now you can relax and let her do the work for you. No permission needed from your landlord!

To get started, simply download the free app and start having a conversation with Zently. It’s that simple! Take charge of your rental space now.

* Smart suggestions on bills to split such as comcast, pge, att, verizon
* Split bills with roommates and save time compared to venmo or splitwise
* Split rent with your roommates seamlessly 
* Send your rent to your landlord; no need for your landlord’s permission!
* Automated rent payments with tracking, faster and easier than radpad!
* Send money to your roommates by adjusting rent
* Log fix-it requests for your landlord with just a few taps
* Automated follow-ups with your landlord
* Handy tips on quick fixes around your home

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Follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/zentlyinc and on 
Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/zentlyinc/
Visit us at http://zently.com                    

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