IPF OneVue

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You can become a member of the IPF Patient Research Network, which allows you to:

• Collaborate with researchers to better develop new treatments
• Easily pre-qualify for upcoming IPF clinical trials. Your de-identified health information will contribute to valuable population data research, while protecting your privacy
• Connect to IPF experts and the latest news

Use the IPF OneVue mobile app to:

• Track and trend your IPF related symptoms
• Record your spirometry values to help monitor the progression of your pulmonary fibrosis
• Monitor and trend your weight over time
• View your consolidated Smart Health Record directly on your iPhone
• Keep up-to-date with the latest pulmonary fibrosis news and resources
• Track your daily steps and sleep (if using a compatible device) to share with your local doctor and researchers
• Pre-qualify for any upcoming IPF Clinical Trials

The IPF OneVue app integrates with your Apple Health app for the following data:
- Read: Forced Expiratory Volume, Forced Vital Capacity, Peak Expiratory Flow Rate, Sleep Analysis, Steps, Walking and Running Distance, Weight
- Write: Forced Vital Capacity, Weight

For any questions, feel free to reach out to us at info@monarcbio.com.                    

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