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Cannopoly is a digital marketing platform operating in states with legal medicinal and/or recreational marijuana that is designed to educate customers about the brands, dispensaries, and products in the growing cannabis market. Our app is a dispensary locator and brand discovery tool that keeps you up to date on all the latest trends and deals in this constantly evolving industry. 

Not only do we educate, we show you exactly where these products are offered in your local area. With our extensive “Where to Buy” feature find local dispensaries that offer the products you want to try! We also show you where to find a legal medical marijuana doctor near you.  

We do not stop at simply educating you and pointing you in the right direction; because of our growing community, many dispensaries and brands are eager we are able to deliver our users with incredible rebates on cannabis products and accessories. 

While we don’t sell products, we improve the way you buy. Our rebates are reciept based, so you can can find deals, go buy products and accessories from any legal dispensary or smoke shop and save!

The app is currently only available in Colorado, but will be spreading to other legal states soon.                    

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