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Save money, earn more and invest in the best mutual funds with Sqrrl, a simple and easy to use money saving app for your personal finance.  
Sqrrl is a free platform that helps young Indians save, invest and prosper. With Sqrrl, simply choose why you want to save, and start by putting away small sums effortlessly in funds hand-picked by our experts. No need to understand complicated financial concepts or products. Sqrrl can also help you make tax saving investments.   
Sqrrl aims to be India’s best investment app to make financial planning easy and fun!  
●  Simple, paperless setup.
●  Focus on your saving and investment needs, not on products.
●  The best mutual funds curated by experts matched to your needs seamlessly.
●  No jargon, no complex financial concepts to master, no research.
●  Track your money daily on the dashboard.
●  Compliant with regulations, secure service.
●  Delightful interface to make saving fun!
Our Standout Features  
Sqrrl Away
Online investment has never been easier. You can set up Sqrrl Away and save money by transferring small amounts automatically. Save money easily with Sqrrl, grow it at 6-7% and earn more than your typical bank account. For effective personal finance management, we ensure that all your funds are instantly withdrawable at all times for free. 
BYOD: Bring Your Own Dreams  
This is your chance to save for your bucket list! Your dream can be a Europe trip, a bootstrap fund for your startup, or your kid’s education fund. Simply set the goal and when you want to reach it, and Sqrrl recommends the best mutual funds. Save automatically every month and top up anytime. There are no lock-in or transaction fees. BYOD earns more on your online investments than bank FD or RD.  
Axe Tax   
Tax saved is money earned! Sqrrl helps you plan your tax saving investments and better manage your personal finance. To help you save money on your taxes Sqrrl automatically chooses the best tax saving schemes and funds and invests in them lump-sum or monthly.  
Q. How is Sqrrl better than my savings account?
A. Normal saving account with banks gives 4% interest, Sqrrl Away’s backing funds deliver between 6-7% while still being fairly secure and instantly available at no charges.   
Q. Are there any Setup/Subscription/Transaction charges?
A. No. There are no Setup/Subscription/Transaction charges that you need to incur. However, in some BYOD cases funds may charge a small fee if you withdraw too quickly. This is made clear in the app.    
Q. Is my money safe?
A. Yes, absolutely! Sqrrl Fintech is a SEBI registered mutual fund distributor (ARN-112848). All your transfers are directly made to the underlying mutual funds and no money hits Sqrrl’s accounts. Sqrrl offers strict bank grade security for your data using encryption and secure data practices. Being in a high-compliance business, your data and money are both highly protected.   
Q. What is the minimum amount I can invest?
A. You can start saving at a minimum of ₹500. After that, you can save as low as ₹100 and see the power of small savings on your saving app. Effective SIP investment allows for better financial planning.   
Q. What documents do I need to set up my Sqrrl account?
A. We aim to provide a PAPERLESS experience. Sqrrl will check seamlessly whether you are already KYC certified, which is mandatory for you to be able to invest your funds. In case not, it will get you KYC certified from within the app itself.   
*Best Features that help you save money & earn more*

●  Best mutual funds automatically recommended by platform.
●  Simple monthly/SIP investment options
●  Effective tax saving investment choices
●  Financial planning simplified

We'd love to hear back from you! Please drop in a line at happy2help@sqrrl.in anytime.                    

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