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Sqrrl is a platform aimed at helping young Indians save their earnings while keeping things simple. With Sqrrl, it's not about putting away large chunks of your salary, but small sums with just a couple of clicks! Along with helping you save, Sqrrl also makes tax savings simple and effortless for you. All this with the aim to help young Indians financially prosper!

With Sqrrl you can:

Sqrrl Away:
Set up to Sqrrl small sums of money automatically from your bank account. What you keep aside will grow at 7-8%, instead of the regular 4% in a savings account. The best part? The dosh remains there for you to dip into anytime.

BYOD - Bring Your Own Dreams:
This is your chance to check things off that bucket list you’ve been carrying around! Sqrrl helps you reach your dream plans faster, with smart and automated investments.

Axe Tax:
Tax saved is money earned! Sqrrl helps you plan your tax savings in a very simple and convenient way. Invest in the most rewarding tax-saving plans, effortlessly!

Q. Is my money accessible at all times?
A. Yes. With Sqrrl, all you have to do is tap for your money to come back to your bank account. The turnaround times may vary from a few minutes to 2-3 days depending upon the product. In case of Axe-Tax, as stipulated by law these monies are locked for 3 years from the date of investment for you to get tax benefit and are available for withdrawal thereafter.

Q. What documents do I need to set up my Sqrrl account?
A. Sqrrl wants to take away all your paperwork pain; therefore what we have here is PAPERLESS experience. Sqrrl will check seamlessly whether you are already KYC certified, which is mandatory for you to be able invest your monies. In case not, it will get you KYC certified, in which case you may need to upload some documents like 1) PAN Card, 2) Address Proof, and 3) Signature, right within the app and that should set you on your journey to Save, Invest, Prosper. 

Q. How is putting my money with Sqrrl better than my savings account?
A. Normal saving account with banks gives 4% interest, Sqrrl investment funds have delivered between 7-8% without compromising the safety and liquidity of these investments. With Sqrrl, you don’t need to open a bank account. We work with your existing bank account and get your monies to work harder.

Q. What is the minimum amount I can invest?
A. You can start saving at a minimum of ₹ 500. After that, you can save as low as ₹ 100 and see the power of small savings.

Q. Are there any Set-up Fees / Subscription Charges / Transaction charges?
A. No. There are no Set-up Fees / Subscription Charges / Transaction charges that you need to incur.

We'd love to hear back from you! Please drop in a line at happy2help@sqrrl.in anytime.                    

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