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The Unlimited Closet for Teen Girls!

Have you ever looked at your closet and seen your favorite clothes from the past just hanging there, too small to fit but too nice to be thrown away? Do you ever wish you could make some money off of your expensive, but stunning, prom dress that is just sitting there unused? Have you ever needed to attend a party, but didn't want to buy an outfit only for that event?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then PromElle is perfect for you!

PromElle is the 1st peer-to-peer rental marketplace for teen fashion! Using the PromElle app, you can:

-Convert your closet into cash by earning 80% of the rental price!
-List your clothes (casual and formal dresses, tops, bottoms, jackets, and more!) for free, so that other people can rent them!
-Don’t worry about any damages; we have that covered!

-Browse through an extensive list of amazing, age-appropriate, quality clothes, listed at 70% - 80% off of the retail price, and instantly rent from other teens in your area!
-Not sure if it will fit? Try it on for free!
-4-day & 8-day rental available
-Easy checkout process allows you to rent your favorite outfit in seconds!


Anika Rajamani, 11th grade: “I loved that it was so easy for me to find a dress for Winter Ball. The app had a lot of gorgeous dresses to choose from. I absolutely loved the dress I rented and will definitely come back to PromElle for future events!”

“As a mom, I think this is just an incredible idea and so timely. My teenager is always looking for new outfits can never seem to have enough. I’m definitely going to have her check out PromElle the next time she needs an outfit!” said Angela Wardlaw, a resident of San Jose, CA.                    

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