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Training is much more fun and effective if you are not alone! 
GYMDER is a social fitness app that brings real people together in real life for real success! Everyone can find mutually interested workout partners nearby right when you need them. If you want to really keep your good resolutions and have fun throughout your fitness journey, this is the right app for you! 
It is also a dedicated place for self-minded fitness people sharing tons of motivation and enabling new people to come together and train together!
GYMDER is free (and stays free) and can be used with e-mail and also with Facebook and Instagram.
GYMDER will help you to:
•Boost your fitness success by joining a great self-minded community full of motivation.
•Find workout buddies and gyms anywhere and anytime... just when you need them! All with help of the latest version of the GYMDER radar! It enables you to target your search in a perfect way to just find the absolutely best match for you and your training.
•Interact within a fitness-dedicated place with specific features for specific needs. Try our newest features including richer profiles with characters, teams and groups. They are so much fun!
•Get valuable tips and information from professional athletes, experts, trainers and hyped influencers.  Never be helpless or lost again!
•Share your success and inspire others!
•And much more is coming soon!!
Developed by a team of fitness lovers, GYMDER is changing the way people train: by training together. 
Please note: 
Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. 
Our Privacy Policy is always available for your consideration:
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