Perspective - Daily Journal, Mood and Habit Diary

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Yup, you found it! This is THE journaling app. You have it all, fast journaling, moods, habits, interests, daily/weekly ratings and reviews, all on your Life Calendar. In one word, PERSPECTIVE - providing greater Insights and Self-reflection since March! 

We designed the journaling experience as a conversation between your "future self" and your "past self", text message style, only more honest. The main focus of the app is to help you:

•  Practice mindfulness and increase self-awareness

•  Learn and gain perspective from past experiences

•  Understand what things are most important to you

•  Increase your mental health, enhance the feeling of well-being, and become happier

•  Develop the ability to put things into context as they happen

Perspective is completely free and 100% private.

Testimonials  (from our awesome Beta users)

"I really do love this app so far. I have always struggled with the use of these types of apps, but I can totally see myself continuing to use this." -Hannah

"I really like the experience so far. I think it's an awesome idea and could really be helpful to a lot of people." -Kelsea O'Brien

"It's a great App. I'm loving it!!" -Tania Martins

"I have always loved the notion of journaling, but I have found that keeping the habit and making it meaningful can be a challenge. Perspective has been a game-changer for me. Daily and weekly prompts help keep my goals for journaling on the front burner, while journaling prompts give me ideas on days when I am feeling less than inspired." -Jenine Ziemann Sansosti

"I love the way journaling feels almost as if I am sending someone a message, as if there is someone on the other end." -Helen

"I'm loving everything about this app. This fills the void in journaling that I've been craving - a journal of my thoughts without cramping my hand from writing it out." -Ria

"This app is incredible. I truly think it's a wonderful way to journal." -Ashley Ann

"The new weekly review is amazing. The way your interests are categorized by color, each day is represented not by words but emotions, and you can clearly assess your week as an overview all from a small, simple, color coded view is brilliant. Well done!" -Caroline Hagär

"Set up was really easy - and so far I am just blown away with the things I can track with this app. I have struggled to use my Bullet Journal and may have to find another use for the leather TN's I have purchased. This app so far is incredible." -Melanie Tash


Principally, daily diary entries can be viewed across a timeline we call your 'life calendar' containing all the weeks in your life. This is something that no other free notebook can provide, paper or digital... your life at a glance.

From day one, viewing your position in life allows you to put things into context. Namely, how you've chosen to spend time so far, and your intentions for the future.

Your daily journal entries made in the context of the bigger picture are more insightful, but are enhanced further by nifty ways to indicate your mood, your gratitude with time spent doing the things you love, and 'insights' about past events that make for great reading in retrospect.

It's very common to see folks keep a daily diary for a couple of weeks then stop. We recognize it can be hard when looking at the blank page of a journal notebook to come up with something insightful. But Perspective sets out to address the greatest barrier to successful, longterm journalling, that's why we added 'inspiration questions' for those times when we just can't think of anything to say, yet need to practice journaling to establish the habit.

Speaking of habits, we added 'Interests' for those wishing to track repetitive tasks, goals or habits.

A simple clean interface, flexible enough to accommodate fast journaling, note taking, or bullet lists, and built with obsessive attention to detail.                    

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