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Pocopay – Quick and smart instant account for people on the go

Pocopay is a powerful instant account featuring everything from payments, statements and requesting money to splitting bills between friends. With Pocopay you can simply drag and drop money to your contacts. It is safe, fast and works everywhere. And the best part, we'll give you a free "Poco Basic" account to get you started! Oh, and did we mention that you can register an account from the comfort of your home, without ever having to visit an office!

Pocopay makes your everyday money matters easy with these features:
- It’s a current account – Open and manage your current account online. No need to go anywhere, just use your mobile phone to set it up.
- Easy payments – We made payments beautiful and simple by using drag and drop! All you need to know is the mobile phone number or the email address of the recipient. Good old IBAN works also.
- Requesting Money – If you need to split a bill or ask anyone for money, easily send them a money request from the app.
- Put money aside – Putting money aside with Pocopay becomes so simple that you might actually do it.
- Notifications – Get instantly notified about incoming money and accepted or rejected requests.
- Contactless debit card – Your Pocopay debit MasterCard works perfectly for online and offline shopping.
- QR code – Every Pocopay user gets a unique QR code. Scan it and quickly request or pay money.
- Simple history – Have a grasp of your payments and income. Get all transaction details and create official statements if needed.
- Sharing your account details – Finding your IBAN and remembering it can be tough, but we solved secure account sharing with one simple click.


Pocopay is a fully authorized payment institution. We comply with the EU regulations and are regulated and licensed by the Estonian FSA. Our registration code is 12732518.                    

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