Treat - Better Pet Care

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Treat is pet care reinvented - everything for your pet in one app!

Treat is pet healthcare on demand, in your home, office or hotel. Ask experts for advice, training, grooming and diet recommendations, and provide the best for you and your pet.

*** Available in the San Francisco Bay Area ***

Use Treat to:

• Book in-home vet care, training, and grooming, always on your schedule.
• Get immediate answers from vets and trainers.
• Message with your pet care team any time. 
• Get pet products and food recommendations for your dog or cat, custom tailored by experts.

Treat offers expert advice and in-home services:

In-Home Veterinarian Service
• Keep Your Pet in Peak Health with In-home Vet Services
• Health & Exams
• Vaccinations
• First-Aid
• Wellness & Check-ups

Pet Food and Diet Suggestions
• Feed Your Pet the Way They Need with Specialized Diets
• Maintenance Diets
• Prescription Diets
• Food Subscriptions

Flexible Dog Training
• Train Away Barking, Bad Walking Habits & More
• In-home Classes
• Video Call Sessions
• Puppy Programs

Dog & Cat Grooming
• Keep Your Pet Groomed Without Leaving the Home
• Nail Trims
• In-home Grooming
• Pick-up & Drop-off

In-home Nursing
• Nurse Your Pet to Health with Dedicated In-home Care
• Pilling
• Injections
• Physical Therapy
• Check-ins

Why Treat?

• The Treat app is the EASIEST way to book pet care services.
• Treat providers are staff-licensed veterinarians and veterinary technicians.
• Treat is founded by dog enthusiasts and crazy cat people, and we are on a mission to reinvent pet care!

Treat is made up of passionate pet lovers looking to make a difference. Whether you need a groomer, a trainer or a veterinarian, you’ll find the most caring pet care professionals with just a few taps.                    

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