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Seamless integration with all major 3rd party deep-linking and attribution services

seamless integration with all major 3rd party deep-linking and attribution services

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Inspiration gallery

Creative block? No problem. Choose between dozens of stunning, ready-made templates and you’re good to go

Source attribution

Follow users’ journey by integrating your chosen attribution platform


There’s a lot you can do with Elasticode. Check out our instructional short clips and learn new ways to make users happy


If you need any help, we’re just a click away. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any issues, questions, or suggestions you might have

Dynamic objects

Wrap any type of element within your code and remotely control and change its content.


Assigning specific rules to different audience segments allows for more flexibility, and directs users in a predetermined, customized path.


Our platform is fully collaborative. Include anyone on your team in the process, build and manage your experiences together.

Android (beta) support

Our platform allows for the creation of Cases and Dynamic Objects on Both iOS and Android. A fully functional Onboarding Studio for Android is coming soon.

Real-time synchronization

Our servers are automatically synced with any action taken within the app, enabling real-time and in-session device updates.

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